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How you can focus

Of course every situation is unique (which is why we consult!), but here are some general ways to better focus your web presence (or see all articles).

Making big changes?

Organizations usually don't really think through their big changes, instead just diving in. But often these changes could be even higher impact if they were planned more carefully. In addition, there are improvements we can make in subsequent steps as well. 

*These are also the chapters in Website Migration Handbook (v1 for free, or v2 for $65). 

Making day-to-day changes?

Every change and potential change can either take you toward or away from focus. These changes that happen every day cause problems if not handled effectively.

Want something you can start using right now when considering changes to make to your web presence? Get the free one page flowchart.

* These are also the chapters in the book Website Product Management: Keeping focused during change ($24).