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We help you focus at key points

Every time you consider or make changes to your web presence is an opportunity to focus. That said, we typically get involved at certain points. Note: the best time to call us is when you are very early in the planning process, when you may not even be clear on what you are attempting. 

When considering big change

Implementation Strategy

An implementation strategy defines a path for the near term and a reasonable trajectory for the longer term:

  • Clearly articulate a vision for the near term
  • Define depth scales of how to pull it off
  • Define a trajectory for moving forward

Don’t rush into implementation, with a high risk of repeating your mistakes.

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  • RFP development and selection process
  • Initial impact assessment (centering on a one day decision-making workshop)

Migration and Rollout Plan

Whether you are moving one site into a new system (a migration) or many properties into one or multiple systems (a rollout), planning is essential.

Migration isn't just about moving the bits.

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When implementing ongoing change

Ongoing Guidance

A lot of things can go wrong during implementation, especially making decisions based on expediency now that hurt the long term focus and quality. We help guide implementation and ongoing maintenance of your web presence. 

Unfocused sites happen during the slow day-to-day erosion of short-term decisions.

David Hobbs wrote Website Product Management: Keeping focused during change