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About David Hobbs

David Hobbs helps organizations make big digital changes. David’s advice is based on experience from within organizations, as a CTO of a web development company, and as a consultant. David is the author of Website Migration Handbook v2 and Website Product Management.


David works with a wide range of clients, from the huge to the small. Clients include AvalonBay Communities, BIO, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Center for Global Development, Heritage Foundation, Jackson Lab, Library of Congress, Marriott International, Mideast Broadcasting Corporation, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Oak Ridge National Labs, Realtree, Resources for the Future, Thomson Reuters, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the World Bank. 

Approach and results

Regardless of the size of the organization, David's approach is always long term and broad. David frequently gets involved very early in projects, especially when a big change is being considered or about to be undertaken. Teams are often tempted to think narrowly (for instance, only certain parts of the site, or certain sites within a global web presence), and during times of large change David helps teams to carefully think about how to make broad changes, perhaps even if this means taking on difficult internal decision making. Notably, David is usually involved in planning around the entire web presence and not just concentrating on some narrow piece of an organization's digital presence. In addition, even when a team is narrowly focused on moving to a new web platform David makes sure the team considers how to make changes for long term results. 

Prior professional experience and education

David's current advice is based on experience before his now nine year old practice. David worked as a consultant at WelchmanPierpoint before starting David Hobbs Consulting. Prior to that, David spent five years at the World Bank getting over 2,000 sites into a single CMS. David has also been CTO at Forum One Communications, a project manager for large internet projects at UUNET / MCI / WorldCom, and as a C programmer for a mapping application. David has a Master's in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and a Bachelor's in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park.

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