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Tools and Reports

These are some of the most useful tools you can use in your planning. As part of consulting projects we also use other techniques. If you don't know where to start, contact us.

For big change

Start with this report → Early Strategy for Higher Impact

Type Tool or report What
Tool Graph How Difficult Your Redesign Will Be Answer 10 questions to gauge / tweak your redesign difficulty
Flowchart How to Communicate Migration Concerns Use the one page flowchart to better communicate your migration concerns
Report Estimating Migration Effort One of the most important planning steps you can take is estimate manual migration effort
Report Rethinking the Content Inventory Most organizations radically overlook opportunities for more effective content inventories
Book Website Migration Handbook (v1 for free or v2 for $65)) The book to help you migrate for high quality
Checklist Migration planning within the larger project One page checklist to ensure you include migration planning within your larger initiative (such as a redesign)
Report (with checklist) Is your digital RFP ready? Report that lists key (but often overlooked) elements of strong RFPs.


For ongoing change

Start here → How to Handle That Change Request (flowchart)

Type Title Commitment to use
Flowchart Should we implement this microsite? Ready to use immediately
Report Better Engagement for Ongoing Website Improvements 5 min (read four breezy pages)
Report Deep Digital Strategy 5 min (read four straightforward pages)
Report Standards Architecture 10 min (3 pages, but probably requiring more time to stop and think)
Book Website Product Management ($24) Hours (read a short book)

Also see

Type Tool or report Time commitment
Report Making Topic Pages Work 10 min
Report Problem Duplication 10 min