Ditch the spreadsheet for content analysis.

Resources for Higher Digital Impact

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Digital Vision Statements

One-pager on creating a strong digital vision statement. This is important to define EARLY (before talking with integrators, and way before a redesign).

Change Request Flowchart

Struggling with ongoing change? This one-pager will help with your digital change requests.

Suggested Articles

Decide. Don't Inspect.

Yes, you need to make a decision about every piece of content. That doesn't mean you need to inspect each one. Use rules.

Ongoing Digital Presence Change: Eight Principles

Ongoing change is extremely important yet rarely done well. Read the eight principles of strong ongoing change.

Other Resources


Website Migration Handbook for big change and Website Product Management for ongoing change.


Ensure you are following a strong path.

Diagrams & Infographics

Various illustrations of approaches for higher digital impact.


Videos, from animation to David discussing key topics.


Webinar recordings for ongoing and big change. Start with A Year Before Redesign: How to Prepare.