Ditch the spreadsheet for content analysis.


The checklists below are embedded in articles that provide more context. You can also download the one-pager Microsite Checklist.

Do you have a strong vision?

Can you skip visioning?

  • You only have one digital property or you aren't making any big technical changes
  • You are approaching the problem as "getting the bones right" for long term quality rather than just what it looks like upon launch

Checklist for template effectiveness

  • Could effectively test and roll out changes to ALL instances of who used the template
  • If a page has some meaningful type of content that is shared across a wide range of pages (press release, product description, key findings, product alert, etc), could you roll out an optimization change to all of them?

Is your content analysis SEER?

  • Can you switch your analysis level between the site, group of sites, and organization-wide?
  • You have a method of rationalizing content information from multiple sites across multiple systems

Strong content migration checklist

  • Take a big picture view (still making decisions about all content).
  • Start thinking about migration / content transformation at project inception.

How do you know you are using rules well?

  • You do not review every piece of content to decide what to do with it.
  • You can tweak and automatically re-run your rules across all your content.

A checklist for digital innovation experiments

Eight Principles of Ongoing Digital Presence Change

Consider deleting if the content is...

A strong redirect engine

Are you starting to implement the right elements?

  • You won't be able to achieve your vision if you can't implement this element
  • You aren't sure how to implement this element or you have concerns about implementing it

Is your content publishing streamlined?

  • The publisher is only presented with a form for the information they need to enter (no extraneous or duplicative fields)
  • Requires a minimum of formatting, especially any HTML (like explicitly applying certain classes)

How are you doing?