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Change Request Flowchart

Are you unable to keep up with change requests? This printable, one-page flowchart can help you decide what changes to consider.

The flowchart is in three parts: streamline, apply product thinking, and always phase changes. 

1. Streamline

One of the primary goals of any change request process is to streamline what should be streamlined. The flowchart includes a mini-checklist on when to consider streamlining. 

Flowchart includes a section on streamlining

2. Apply Product Thinking

You should treat your digital presence as a coherent product, and there are three pillars to this: business first, broad impact, and long term. The flowchart includes questions for each of these to help determine how likely it should be for you to make a specific change.

Key product thinking questions are in the flowchart

3. Always Phase Changes

Some changes should be fast and some should be slow. Any request that should be implemented quickly should be streamlined. But time to consider other requests to make the most of available resources (and to make things faster the next time the same type of request comes) requires time for consideration. The flowchart includes a step for reconsidering requests if they aren't immediately obvious high priority.

The flowchart includes a step to reformulate requests as needed.