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Implementation Strategy

Defining the strategy for big changes

A David Hobbs Consulting Service

Many of the highest impact changes require broad and deep coordination. High impact changes include things like global rollouts, a less fragmented experience for your visitors, and getting the bones right for ongoing quality and innovation. 

Pulling off big changes like these require alignment early, so that everyone knows what to expect, the commitment is clear, you know what to look for in implementation vendors, and going forward you can refer back to the strategy to guide the process. This is what an implementation strategy frames and documents.

Before working with implementation vendors

An implementation strategy should be done before implementation vendors are involved. Not only can an implementation strategy help guide what type of vendors to use (and what to ask of them), but also it helps confirm the organizational commitment to engage with the vendor for success.

An implementation strategy helps answer questions like these in order to frame the effort early:  

  • We have a digital presence that is difficult to maintain and innovate. What would a simpler digital presence be like? What would the pros and cons be of moving to that? If we decided to make that change, how would we do that? 

  • We present a slioed digital presence to our visitors. What would a more coherent digital presence be like? What would the pros and cons of a change be? How would we make the change? 

David Hobbs Consulting develops implementation strategies. These provide:

  • A documented vision for your digital changes.

  • Next steps forward toward your goals.

  • How to maintain quality and innovation on an ongoing basis. 

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