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Migration Estimation and Impact Analysis

David Hobbs Consulting specializes in providing independent guidance toward making big, high impact web presence, intranet, and extranet changes. Although our involvement is often deep, a small engagement can provide high impact. A migration impact analysis revolves around a one-day workshop with the goal of a manual migration effort estimate (or, if you are leaning toward automation, a confirmation of that).

The activity grounding the impact analysis will be estimating manual content migration effort of content types based on six steps of handling content (including overall mapping needs at each step), and at the end of the engagement you will have a working spreadsheet to update and refine over time:

In the workshop we work together to develop an initial rough estimate, and then you keep the spreadsheet for your ongoing use.

Although we will work together to make the estimate as accurate as possible during a one-day workshop, it will necessarily be rough and preliminary. That said, the concrete activity of estimating the manual effort will spawn other important discussions such as quality levels, technical needs, and process impacts. In particular, DHC will generate a list of impacts that you will need to discuss, decide upon, and plan.

You will also get two checklists for your internal ongoing planning:

  • A quality levels checklist

  • A migration readiness checklist

To accomplish this scope, DHC will 1) review your existing planning documentation (including any existing content inventory work) prior to the workshop, 2) up to three working calls to discuss the inventory and otherwise prepare for the workshop, and 3) an all day workshop at your headquarters. A week after the workshop, DHC will provide the deliverables listed above.

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