Ditch the spreadsheet for content analysis.

Content Dispositions: Creative Approaches For Higher Impact Content Transformations


When undertaking major content transformations, the knee-jerk reaction is to think very black-and-white about how we will treat the content, usually fallling into one of two camps: start from scratch or move as is. 

But, especially for large-scale content change, we need to think more creatively. By thinking more creatively about dispositions (methods of handling content) we: 

  • Apply the right effort to the right content, in particular spending time on the content that will lead to the best business results

  • Spend a little more effort for some tasks (like deleting) to achieve higher impact

  • For less important content (that still deserves to survice), devise ways to achieve similar quality levels with less effort

  • Being more efficient overall, for instance by defining the dispositions and deciding what content gets what treatment before you execute on those changes

In this webinar we'll dive into content dispositions:

  • What is a disposition

  • What is the range of dispositions

  • Breaking down seemingly-obvious dispositions like Delete into different types of delete

  • How to know if you are using dispositions effectively

  • How to decide what disposition specific content should get

  • How to use dispositions to help estimate any manual transformation effort

About David Hobbs

David helps organizations with large, complex digital presences.

He helps organizations before large-scale transformations, to define the overall vision and also to define content transformations. Clients include the Library of Congress, Novartis, the Center for Internet Security, and World Resources Institute. He draws on his experience as a CTO of a web development shop, inside organizations in large digital rollouts, and as a consultant.