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Digital Change: Getting the Bones Right

Table of Contents

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  • Our digital presence isn't a model ship in a bottle (0:23)
  • Types of change: Impact and Weight (6:18)
  • Model of change: Breadth and Disruption (12:20)
  • Big Change (16:06)
  • Ongoing Change (19:06)

Digital change is usually viewed in a narrow, superficial, and short term manner. In this webinar we'll look at how to get the bones right during digital change, for either big changes or more routine ones. This will allow you to have higher impact, in particular by allowing changes to ripple wider than just a single page or site. David will present materials from his book Website Product Management as well as the latest thinking on the topic.


  • What does it mean to get the bones right? 
  • Getting the bones right on a day-to-day basis
  • Getting the bones right during big change