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Global and Distributed Rollouts


If your digital presence has lots of separate sites, and you are looking to make big changes, then you need to consider the rollout plan. 

Empower you and your teams to tackle your rollout

You can't just launch the first site and then assume all the other site owners will fall in line to launch all the subsequent sites. Even if you can, using that approach is not ideal: you need broad alignment early to make sure you're building out a strong foundation that all sites can use (rather than just forcing all sites to work like your first site).

Learn the components of a strong plan

We'll look at the components of a strong rollout plan: 

  • Current plan status

  • Vision

  • Status of distributed presence

  • Expected outcomes and coordination

  • Flexibility, publishing speed, consistency, and broad change

  • Phasing

  • Migration and content execution approach

  • Implications and confirmation of the plan

  • Resourcing approach

Presenter: David Hobbs

David Hobbs works with large, complex digital presences. He creatively approaches large scale efforts to isolate what's really important, work toward getting stakeholders aligned, and phase efforts for success. Clients include the CDC, Library of Congress, and Novartis. 

About David Hobbs

David helps organizations with large, complex digital presences.

He helps organizations before large-scale transformations, to define the overall vision and also to define content transformations. Clients include the Library of Congress, Novartis, the Center for Internet Security, and World Resources Institute. He draws on his experience as a CTO of a web development shop, inside organizations in large digital rollouts, and as a consultant.